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Authorised Administrators & Permissions Access

Service Catalogue Category: Accounts & Access

IT Service

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Keywords: Mailbox Access, Storage Access, File Permissions  IT Purchases          

IT Service Division: Governance | Operations


As you would expect for security and privacy reasons, new University staff do not have access to all areas of file storage and other electronic areas by default.  Instead, appointed individuals in the same schools or department, called Authorised Administrators can place requests via the IT Service Desk on a staff members behalf to request access. The level of access required should be specified in the request (e.g. read only or modify) and whether it is temporary or permanent.

• Authorised Administrators can raise requests for the following:

• O: Drive folders

• Shared mailboxes or public folders

• To submit quotes and raise IT equipment or software orders

Authorised Administrators are recorded in a registry within IT Service and changes to the individuals in this list can be requested by the areas Head of Department or Head of School (in some cases a separate but similar role will be warranted). In the context of IT Service documentation an Authorised Administrator may also be referred to as an Authorised Purchaser in the context of placing orders.

Please note that when access to a member of staff members own mailbox is required, such as in the case of a long-term absence, direct authorisation must be raised by the Head of Department or School along with the line manager- this cannot be requested by an Authorised Administrator.

Example support requests for this service:

• Please could you grant [individual] read only access to the Procurement folder in the Finance section of the O: drive please on a permanent basis.

• Please can I place an order for [software] for our school technicians please. The quote is attached from an approved supplier and our cost code for recharge is included.

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