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Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

Service Catalogue Category: Network Connectivity & Remote Access

IT Service

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Keywords: Microsoft, Remote Desktop, Remote Working, Cloud Computing     

IT Service Division: Operations | Infrastructure – Systems


Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a remote working solution from Microsoft which can be used by University Staff to assist them when working remotely. It provides access to a cloud computer connected to the University network from which staff can:

  • Access and use University specialist software
  • Connect to devices on campus
  • Access the O: Drive
  • Complete operations that require a connection to the University network

WVD can be accessed via a web browser which is useful for simple activities when away from a University machine, but it is recommended staff download the full desktop client to their device as this version is faster and more stable than the browser version.

Due to resourcing restrictions, the solution should be used as a personal machine to work from. This means that staff should not open their mailbox via Outlook within WVD nor save their files to it.

Access to WVD is not granted to staff by default but they can request it from the IT Service Desk.

Example support requests for this service:

  • Please can I gain access to Windows Virtual Desktop?
  • How do I connect to and use Windows Virtual Desktop? (Guide)
  • Windows Virtual Desktop does not contain a piece of specialist software I need for my role. Can this be added?

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