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Guest Wi-Fi Access

Service Catalogue Category: Network Connectivity & Remote Access

IT Service

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Keywords: Network, Wi-Fi, Guests, Internet, Graduation, Open Day 

IT Service Division: Operations


Visitors attending the University, by they the family of a student or a contracted supplier can obtain guest access to the University’s Wi-Fi when on campus providing them with

Guests can access the network directly from their own from their device. The network is called “Guest@UW”.

Once they attempt a connection they will be redirected to the Guest@UW login page. Once here they can select “Don’t have an account?” to register and use the service. They will then be sent a text message and email to the credentials they registered with their login details.

These accounts last for 30 days then are deleted.

Example support requests for this service:

• How do I sign-up for the guest Wi-Fi service?

• I’m having problems signing into guest Wi-Fi?

• How long does guest Wi-Fi access last?

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