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Elevated Computer Rights Setup

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Keywords: Security permissions, Elevated, PC, Local Admin Rights 

IT Service Division: Governance | IT Security


Elevated Computer Rights is a specialist service required by a very small proportion of University staff roles. Sometimes, specific roles at the University require more advanced administration permissions on their staff computer than is permitted by default. These permissions were originally granted as local administration rights, but over time these represented an increasing security vulnerability and were removed.

Such permissions are now granted under a separate user account, as elevated computer rights. The username of accounts created for this purpose will take the form of an existing username with the “_A” suffix added to it.

Please note that these permissions are only granted with line manager approval and following consultation with the University’s IT Cybersecurity Manager. They are also only granted for essential business functions where no feasible alternative is possible. They are not granted to allow staff to install their own software for example.

This most common example necessitating these rights is when an essential business applications needs to be run as administrator to fulfil it’s intended purpose.

Example support request for this service:

• My accounting software will only allow me to produce reports if it runs as administrator. I don’t currently have permission to do this, how can I set this up please?

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