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Cybersecurity Advice & Reporting

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IT Service

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Keywords: Vigilance, Cybersecurity, Reporting, Advice 

IT Service Division: Governance | Cybersecurity


University’s often represent high value targets to hackers due to breadth of data that we hold, be that student records, staff payroll data, or commercially sensitive research. IT Service continues to develop and update the University’s cybersecurity defences to prevent unauthorised network intrusions, data theft and ransomware attacks but we also rely on all University staff to maintain vigilance and to report anything suspicious.

University staff are encouraged to contact the IT Service Desk in order to:

  • Gain specific cybersecurity advice (no question too basic)
  • Report a potential cybersecurity incident or breach

Example support requests for this service:

• My account has recently been compromised. Now that it’s secure I’d like some advice on preventing this from happening again.

• I’ve noticed there are contactors working outside the network room in my building. No one seems to know why they are here, are they from IT?

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