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Staff IT Equipment – New Starters & Rolling Replacements

Service Catalogue Category: IT Procurement & Licensing

IT Service

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Keywords: Laptop, Dock, Desktop, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse 

IT Service Division: Governance


When a new starters accepts a brand-new role at the University, an authorised purchaser can request IT equipment for them via the IT Service Desk. There is no recharge to the school or department for this equipment.

The standard new starter package consists of: A Windows Desktop or Laptop computer, 22” monitor, dock (if laptop), a keyboard and mouse.

Computers procured by IT Service have 5 year warranty after which they will be replaced by IT Service with the newest supported models at no cost to the school or department.

If a staff member leaves a role, then the new incumbent to that role receives the equipment used by the previous holder of that post, new equipment is not automatically procured.

Schools and department can place requests to procure additional IT equipment from their own budgets before an existing machines warranty expires, although please see the hardware policy for restricts on how many devices are permitted for standard roles.

Example support requests for this service:

• Please can I request IT Equipment for a new staff starter in my school?

• Please can I order an additional 22” monitor for a member of my team? Our recharge code is XXXXX.

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