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Staff IT Equipment – IT Peripherals Guidance

Service Catalogue Category: IT Procurement & Licensing

IT Service

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Keywords: Advice, webcam, headset, speakers, conferencing speaker 

IT Service Division: Governance


For basic IT Peripherals which work on the “plug & play” principle, these can be procured directly by schools and departments without needing to submit requests to the IT Service Desk. This speeds up time as these will not usually require a rigorous approval process. IT Service does however provide advice on procuring peripherals, if you are unsure about compatibility for example.

Broad examples of IT peripherals include webcams, headsets, speakers, adapters and cables.

More information can be found in the IT Hardware Policy located here, and requests can be placed to the IT Service Desk for any further enquires.

Example support requests for this service:

• I’m looking to order a headset but I’m unsure if it will connect to my University laptop, please can you advise?

• I’m trying to connect a new microphone to my desktop PC but I’m not sure if I need a different cable from the one supplied?

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