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Staff IT Equipment – Ad-hoc purchases

Service Catalogue Category: IT Procurement & Licensing

IT Service

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Keywords: Macbook, Surface, Smartphone, Memory, SSD 

IT Service Division: Governance


In addition to the equipment supplied to staff as standard additional types of request an be placed by authorised purchasers to the IT Service Desk. These requests will be reviewed against the IT hardware policy on an individual basis, considering the number of machines already issued and if a more practically or financially appropriate alternative is available.

Equipment requests which fall into this category include:

• Apple hardware e.g. Macbook, iMac, iPad

• Microsoft hardware e.g. Surface Pro

• Smartphones – Apple or Android

• Custom or High specification computers for research or graphics purposes

• Additional components to increase the specification of an existing device e.g. memory, hard drive, graphics card etc

Please note that the authorised purchaser must include their department or schools cost code within the request for IT Service to recharge to.

Example support requests for this service:

• Please can I order a Surface Pro for our new director in addition to his laptop?

• We have a new research project that requires a computer with a large amount of memory, please can you advise the best route to procure this?

• I’d like to purchase a smartphone for work purposes, how do I go about this?

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