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Software Procurement for Student Computer Labs

Service Catalogue Category: IT Procurement & Licensing

IT Service

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Keywords: Software, Imaging, Computer Labs, Central 

IT Service Division: Governance/Design: User Experience


As per section 6, a planned timetable operates for the computer lab software imaging lifecycle which affects when software should be procured for these machines. Once software choices have been finalised and submitted by schools in May, the imaging team will work with technical staff in their respective areas regarding what is procured and when. The University’s end of financial year ends on July 31st which can affect this but during a normal year the images will have been built and testing will be underway by this point for deployment over the summer.

Factors to consider for this area:

  • Which budget will pay for the software- this is normally IT Service unless the software/system is extremely expensive £10K+
  • Has the University bought this software before and is the supplier registered?
  • Is the software over £5000 if so is a competitive mini-competition or full tender needed to procure it?
  • How many users does the software license cover and does the licence have “seats” for concurrent use?
  • Is the software already in use at University and can agreements be combined for savings?
  • Are there any restrictions around who can access and use the software? e.g. Age, Location etc –

When submitting a software request for a computer labs you may be asked to provide additional information if the software hasn’t been procured before and is over a certain value. This is so a single supplier waiver can be completed.

Submitting software orders with as much notice as possible is highly advisable, as for larger requisitions the internal authorisation process can be lengthy.

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