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New University System Procurements

Service Catalogue Category: IT Procurement & Licensing

IT Service

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Keywords: Systems, Professional Services, Consultancy 

IT Service Division:  Governance | Business Relations


IT Service will nominally be principally be involved from the early stages of a project to procure and implement new University Systems. Sometimes however the requirement to procure or upgrade a particular system may come directly from the departmental or school level. This includes upgrading to new products at the end of a previous agreement or end of life service.

It is important that IT Service are involved in such works so we can:

  • Check compatibility with existing systems
  • Analyse technical requirements
  • Establish and plan resource for data integration with other platforms
  • Confirm whether an in-house build is simpler/less costly/less time intensive
  • Work through IT programme management to establish a feasible timeframe plan into existing lifecycles
  • Assign the relevant IT teams to be involved as required –

Such projects are normally conceptualised or raised at the Directorate level and may require UEB approval before commencement. It is recommended that IT Service is consulted at the earliest possible stage prior to any procurement process to ensure all potential options are considered. Such projects are usually significant cross- departmental initiatives that may also require the involvement of the University Project Management Office to fulfil successfully.

To request IT Service involvement in a University System procurement, a Head of School or Department can contact the IT Service Desk, Director of IT, Deputy Director of IT, or IT Business Relationship Manager to begin discussions.

Example support request for this service:

• I’d like to discuss upgrading the Student Records Management System now that is it end of life.

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