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University Staff Laptop & Desktop Computer Support

Service Catalogue Category: IT Equipment Assistance and Bookings

IT Service

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Keywords: Laptops, Desktops, Imaging, Troubleshooting 

IT Service Division: Operations | Client Computing Services


The Client Computing Service team provides comprehensive support for all University IT equipment provided to staff.

Equipment is prepared and setup with a suitable software image. CCS technicians can attend call-outs to troubleshoot problems on devices and provide assist with connections to other peripherals and the University network.

The support provided to this equipment is highly broad by its nature and includes advice as well as assistance with both the physical hardware and any software issues on the device itself.

Please see the IT Procurement category for details on purchasing IT equipment and staff eligibility for different types.

Examples of support requests for this service:

• A have been provided with a new monitor, please can you connect this to my desktop PC?

• My laptop has no internet and I can’t work, please can you help?

• The device I’m using seems to have slowed down significantly, please can you check my devices over and see if it is still within warranty?

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