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IT Service

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Keywords: Vocera, Hive, Badges  

IT Service Division: Operations


The Hive uses a mobile battery powered communications platform called Vocera to enable real-time hands free voice communications between staff in the building. Vocera lanyard devices called badges contain a microphone and speaker to transmit audio and use a voice recognition to accept commands. Staff can also broadcast messages to groups, send voicemail messages and locate staff by general area. Badges can also make and accept external calls such as to the emergency services.

IT Service supports the server and network infrastructure required to maintain this system. Hive staff are responsible for the procurement and maintenance of the badges, batteries, and docks.

Example support requests for this service:

• How do I setup my Vocera account?

• How do I improve voice recognition when I use Vocera?

• How do I request a new Vocera battery?

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