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University Telephony

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Keywords: Telephony, Dialler, Microsoft Teams, Handset, Headset

IT Service Division: Operations


The University uses Microsoft Teams to facilitate it’s communication services. Teams chat, voice and video calls are used for most communications between University staff and with University Students.

For those staff roles which require it, telephone numbers are provided for placing and receiving calls to and from external parties. This is done using the dialler feature in Microsoft Teams and is typically utilised in conjunction with a headset for call privacy.

Some campus support desks, offices, and teaching spaces also contain physical telephony handsets linked into this solution.

The system can be configured for personal voicemail, shared voicemailboxes, and hunt groups for those assigned phone numbers, and links into a central switchboard system.

Please see our FAQs for further details.

Example support requests for this service:

• How can I request a telephone number for contacting 3rd parties to the University?

• How can I setup voicemail in Microsoft Teams?

• How do we setup or remove a hunt group?

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