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Email for Staff

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IT Service

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Keywords: Email, Outlook, Mailbox, Webmail, Calendar, Account, Office 365 

IT Service Division: Operations


The University uses the Outlook application and its associated webmail service as part of Microsoft 365 to fulfil email services to its staff. This provides centralised email and calendar functions as part of the academic, administrative and support apparatus of the business. Students are also provided with an email account as standard to support communications required for their studies.

University Staff are provided with their own mailbox with a 100GB size limit, which is typically accessed using the Outlook Office 365 application. Where appropriate to their role, staff can request access to additional mailboxes, calendars, and public folders.

Staff can also setup access to their email account on a mobile device.

Example support requests for this service:

• Setting up a University email account on a mobile device

• Accessing a shared calendar or mailbox

• Reporting a compromised account

• Setting up or amending a mailing list

• Managing your account via webmail

• Updating your details in the University Directory

• Backing up your emails to an archive

• Maintaining access to my email account if I leave the University

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