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Power BI & Data Analytics

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IT Service

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Keywords: Power BI, Data Analytics, Reporting 

IT Service Division: Digital Design


Data Analytics can be a highly useful tool for assessing the impact of changing conditions on different aspects of University business. IT Service can help departments and schools leverage this data through Power BI dashboards to visualise trends and make it easier to draw conclusions which can be the basis for future changes. Key areas include metrics on student behaviour, including academic record and applicant numbers, module evaluations, and the use of special access funds.

Whilst not necessarily useful to all staff areas, there are departments which rely on this service for aspects of their planning and decision-making processes. It’s most likely that staff will already be aware if their school or department utilises this service, but it is an area that is constantly evolving and expanding.

Our team will work with the relevant staff to provide the most useful way to access the data needed.

For further information on the service, please place a request via the IT Service Desk.

Example support requests for this service:

• I’d like to conduct some data analysis on applicant retention for one of the courses in our schools portfolio, is this something IT can help with?

• Please can I be given access to our departments Power BI dashboards?

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