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Data Integration for Corporate Systems

Service Catalogue Category: Business Intelligence & Reporting

IT Service

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Keywords: Corporate Systems, Integration, Reporting, Databases 

IT Service Division: Digital Design


The University operates many IT systems to fulfil a variety of business operations, most which generate and store their own data. This  data may be held in separate databases, could be stored by 3rd parties using cloud storage or be coded in different ways.

IT Service is regularly requested to perform technical data integration works so that these systems can share this data either to produce more useful outputs for individual systems, or so that they can add new functionality.

These works can take place during the planning phase as a new system is being designed for part of a project, could be for new strategic objectives which alter what a system is required for or follow an upgrade that allows new capabilities to be utilised.

Typically, such works will be discussed and requested at the strategic level but smaller integrations for niche purposes can also be raised as a request via the IT Service Desk. Usually, close business relationships will already be established with the teams working with these systems outside of IT Service, and those staff will collaborate with IT Service colleagues to get the optimum results from these works.

Example University systems for data integration include:

• Student Records Management Systems

• Payment Portals §Timetabling System

• Finance and Payroll Systems

• Accommodation System

• HR System

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