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How do I share videos using Microsoft Stream?

Published: 19 October 2021 Last updated: 21 December 2021

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Managing sharing permissions in Microsoft Stream

  1. Select My Content > Videos to access your content library.
Image demonstrates visual location of content library in Microsoft Stream.
  1. To edit a video’s settings, select the pencil icon next to it.
Image shows visual location of pencil icon
  1. To access the permissions for the video, select the ‘Permissions’ section of the video settings.
Image shows permissions options

4. If you wish to make the video available to everyone at the University (including all students) you can tick the option ‘Allow everyone in your company to view this video’.

Please note: This makes the video available in the ‘Discover’ section of Stream to all University of Worcester staff and students.

  1. Press ‘Share’ to save the changes to the permissions.

Sharing with specific users only

If you want to share the video with specific users only then you will need to use the ‘Share with’ drop down menu.

Please note: There are options to share with individual users, groups, or channels. Please contact IT about the creation of a group if you are regularly sharing content with groups.

To share with an individual you need to select the ‘Share with’ drop down menu and choose ‘People’. You can type in an individuals name where it says, ‘Search for People’. You will then see results for both staff and student accounts.

Image shows selecting a person to receive permissions.

If you wish to give them owner level permissions you can tick the owner box next to their name.

Image illustrates 'owner' tickbox.

They will then have the same level permissions for this video as yourself. Please note that anyone with ‘Owner’ permissions can delete the video.

To save the changes you will need to press ‘Share’.

The user you have shared the video with will then receive an email to notify them.

Once you press share you will be presented with the following box. You can use this link to share the video with the users that have just been given the necessary permissions to view it, this is useful if you want to share it via an instant messenger platform such as Teams. The user will need to log in with their University account to access it.

Image displays embed window

Removing user permissions

To remove access simply click the X next to the users name. This will remove them from the permissions list.

Image highlights visual location of removal button.

To complete the change press ‘Apply’.

Image shows 'Apply' button

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