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I need password advice

Published: 13 July 2021

IT Service

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We recommend changing your password from the one generated by IT so that only you know it. We recommend using a few words meaningful to you, with a capital letter, special character and number.  When setting your password, it will not let you change it if it is not secure. So make sure you have at least 8 characters, a number and a capital.

Remember to never give anyone your login details, even IT! We will never ask you for your password so be cautious of who you are talking to should you ever be asked.

Some other things to remember are:        

  • Beware of scams – if you suspect anything, contact us directly for advice.
  • Only click on links from trusted sources. Malicious email links can infect your computer or take you to web pages designed to steal your information.  If you feel something isn’t right, don’t risk it.
  • Never open unsolicited or unexpected attachments. Malicious attachments can infect your computer. If you cannot verify an attachment is legitimate, delete it.
  • Delete all suspicious email immediately. Do not forward it to colleagues or to the IT Service.

Please refer to the University’s Information Security web page and the IT Regulations for further information.

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